Recovery at Work

Initial Needs Assessment

Robust assessment of the rehabilitation needs of injured workers and the workplace.

Recover at work  case management (Same employer)

Expert advice and tailored assistance to support to the injured worker and optimise their recovery and productivity with the pre injury employer.

Vocational assessment

A specialised assessment to identify a persons skills and interests whilst taking into account their functional capacity to identify new and suitable vocational roles.

Onsite, Task Specific Assessment

Identification of the inherent demands of a role to assist with planning, training and return to work.

Activities of Daily Living Assessment

Analysis of an individual’s functional capacity within personal care and domestic activities to provide recommendations to facilitate independence.

Transferable Skills Analysis

An assessment of an injured worker’s  skills, experience, knowledge and interests, that they have acquired through work and life experiences.

Labour Market Analysis

Provides evidence to support investment in retraining and career transition following injury or illness.

Rapid Return to Work Support

Proactively minimise the impact and duration of emerging symptoms or actual injury or illness.

Fitness for Work Functional Assessments

Task specific and onsite functional assessment to ensure clients are “fit” for the identified job.

Work Health Safety and Wellbeing

Job Dictionary Development

A process to profile the specific tasks associated with a role and identify the potential risks.

Individualised Wellbeing Plans

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of psychological, social and workplace elements impacting on wellbeing and provide a tailored strategy to optimise physical and mental health.

WHS & Manual Handling & Training

Effective work health and safety training helps mitigate potential hazards that could result in injuries.

Ergonomic Assessment & Training

Assessment of an employee at their workstation to ensure optimal working postures and correct workstation set-up.

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