Early Intervention

Prevention is the most effective management strategy. Do not wait until an accident happens to take action. Discover the values and benefits of incorporating our Work Health and Safety programs.

Recover at Work rehab

Despite implementing safety measures, injuries can still happen. We are able to assist you in achieving a positive and rapid return to work and life following your injury and illness.

Wholistic Injury Management

Creating a safe and comfortable workplace makes both great business sense and investment. We design and implement wellbeing programs tailored to the individual and workplace needs.


About WorkAbility Rehab

WorkAbility Rehab offers a coordinated and comprehensive range of Injury Management Services

Workplace injuries and insurance premiums may be unavoidable, but WorkAbility Rehab can help you reduce the impact.   WorkAbility Rehab   delivers a cost effective, timely, and tailored solution for each stakeholder . Our experienced and friendly team provide individualised services. Integrating rehabilitation and workplace solutions,  we achieve sustainable outcomes for all involved.

Our services include workplace rehabilitation, recover at work services      (same employer), injury prevention and management, ergonomics, psychological services and  overall health and wellbeing.  Contact us to learn how we can help you.

SIRA Accredited


What Makes Us Different?

We Listen

We are proud of our ability to establish and maintain excellent communication with all involved. We develop and deliver necessary and reasonable services tailored to our clients.

Industry Experts & Experience

Every stage of your involvement with us is handled by experienced team members with refined expertise to facilitate and guide you through the recovery process smoothly.


Taking responsibility, being answerable to our approach and having conviction with our decisions is who we are. We take charge to take care of our clients.


We apply a transparent and collaborative approach to working with our clients. We work side by side with all parties every step of the way.

We Listen

We listen to you and carefully consider critical factors impacting the individual and the workplace.

We Advise

We keep you informed as the central point of communication between all parties.


We Guide

Being an accredited SIRA provider, we are fully qualified to guide your unique recovery pathway.

We Care

We work enthusiastically to facilitate return to work and optimise productivity and recovery.

Request A Callback

Have you suffered a workplace injury? Are you an employer that’s unsure of what you need to do or what to provide your staff to prevent or support injuries? We are experienced specialists here to help, reach out today.